Digital Transformation

Digitalisation  has become a crucial part of society. Over the past twenty years, we have witnessed the integration of digital transformation in nearly all areas and sectors of the economy. Currently, digital technologies are revolutionising every aspect of business. The process of digital transformation not only changes how organisations utilise technology but also necessitates adaptations in people and processes to accommodate the new realities, leading to radical changes in business models across industries. Digital transformation is not simply about implementing cutting-edge digital technologies across all functions of an organisation; it entails strategy, leadership, and new ways of thinking and working. Transitioning to a digital environment requires decision-makers to revise their visions, strategies, and operational methods to remove barriers, enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and significantly improve customer engagement by delivering personalized experiences. Digital technologies impact not only one aspect of business but every facet.

This course aims to introduce participants to the multidisciplinary process of transformation within businesses, encompassing organisational activities, processes, competencies, and business models. The course empowers individuals with the necessary skills to lead the transformation process, fostering a change in mind-set that enhances decision-making, communication, holistic understanding of business strategy, and effective planning for digital transformation.