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Personal Leadership Skills

  • Diploma
    Certificate (diploma optional)
  • Mode
  • Course date
    28 Sept - 02 Oct 2020
  • Duration
    5 days
  • Accreditation

Enhancing your personal leadership and management style

The Personal Leadership program mainly targets participants from non-European countries and/or NGOs who are active in these countries.

During this program you will explore the role of leaders and your own approach to leading. The focus is on personal development and the development of emotional intelligence. Starting points are your unique strengths. During the course you will learn how to integrate new behaviors and mindsets that help you to be more effective for the challenges you are facing.

“This program really exceeded my expectations. I wanted to attend this course based on what I could find on the MSM website. Actually, what I didn’t expect was that it would be so international. I would have expected more people from Europe (especially from the Netherlands), but sharing experiences and getting insights from people from all corners of the world was a nice surprise and really valuable to me!”
Florian Barre, PhD student Maastricht University and participant of the Personal Leadership program in October 2018

To effectively manage, develop and lead others, you have to be able to manage, develop and lead yourself. Leading yourself means knowing who you are, understanding how you act in different interactions and situations. Personal leadership is also about taking responsibility for your own actions. The greater the challenges, the more relevant personal leadership becomes. How we act and react represents a combination of cultural influences, family values, education, personality development and personal experiences. All these aspects shaped you and influenced your leadership style.

We recommend to combine this program with the "Team Leadership Influencing Skills" program which will run the week after. Combining these two programs will save you up to a maximum of €500,-. In case you are only able to follow one week we advise you to first follow the "Personal Leadership skills" course and schedule the "Team leadership influencing skills" course for next year. For more information on the program contact