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Strengthening the sustainability of the Service, Innovation and Training Centres (STICs)

This project builds upon the SEAD and SEAD West project where MSM and its partners realized five Service, Innovation and Training Centres, better known as STICs, in the fields of agri-tourism, dairy, potato, horticulture and poultry. STIC model is a Triple helix concept meant to bring together education partners and the private sector in production centres to promote and implement innovations. All facets of this STIC concept comes together in an orchestrated operation and where the education and private sector partners have committed themselves to a long-term partnership, serving the interests of both the education and private sector.

In this project, MSM continues strengthening the STIC concept and will follow-up on the extension of capacity strengthening of market-led value chain approaches through collaboration between academia (Universities/IPRCs) and the private sector. Further training, research and innovation will be implemented to strengthen;

  • The economic results of the STICs
  • To support the private agricultural sector and
  • To allow for opportunities for cooperation between partners beyond the scope of the previous projects (SEAD & SEAD West).

This TMT+ focuses on three pillars:

  1. Strengthening the capacity of the STIC management teams by diving deeper in the following subjects: strategic planning, governance, finances, value addition, upgrading business plans, PPP management.
  2. Lifting the STICs to dynamic and innovative platforms where the linkages between academia and the private sector are strengthened by having entrepreneurs, researchers and students work continuously on breakthroughs in the agricultural field. These innovation clusters will mainly focus on applied research to find practical solutions for existing problems in the agricultural sector of Rwanda.
  3. Built-up the communities knowledge and skills through community outreach activities. These training sessions will be carried out by Holland Greentech and focus on cultivation of horticultural crops, pest management / plant protection and vegetable cultivation.

Types of services provided

  • Consultancy and Advice
  • Extensive Management Training
  • Applied Research
  • Community Outreach services

This project is managed by Veerle Barten, Project Consultant at MSM’s Expert Centre on Emerging Economies. The project will run from July 2023 until August 2024.

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New Project: Strengthening the sustainability of the Service, Innovation and Training Centres in Rwanda