Project references

MSM has an extensive portfolio of global custom programmes and international management development projects, for the public and private sector, and for the higher and vocational education sector. MSM collaborates extensively with international development agencies and donor organisations and offers institutional management strengthening through educational and advisory interventions in a variety of fields. MSM’s global custom programmes are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organisation, making them the perfect tool to strengthen the leadership skills and expertise of the professionals of your organisation.

Below you can see an overview of custom-made programmes and capacity building projects delivered by MSM in the recent past. Or visit our YouTube channel to experience the captivating visual journey of our projects.

Mini master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This mini master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship was organised for the first cohort of students from the American University Iraq-Sulaimani.

  • Sulaymaniyah, IQ
Strengthening the appeal of a bright future in agriculture to youth through entrepreneurship and innovation

This TMT project will promote both youth entrepreneurship, food security and economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Bujumbura, BI
Global custom program on Mental Innovation

This global custom Mental Innovation program is designed for members of the Limburg Union of Employers (LWV) and aims to diminish the participants’ perception of stress levels.

  • Maastricht, NL
Global custom program on entrepreneurship and university-industry linkages

A special program on entrepreneurship and university-industry linkages for Chengdu University as part of a visiting trip to Maastricht organized on initiative of Confucius Institute Maastricht.

  • Chengdu, CN
Strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem by developing and managing an Industry-Academia Platform

The Project will assess industry needs focusing on technical expertise, knowledge, focused high-quality research content, market validation processes, evidence-based decision-making, talented future professionals and building up ideas.

  • Nairobi, KE
Refresher Course on Agritourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The course introduced participants in very practical ways to the tenets, key concepts and opportunities of agritourism and its linkages with entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Tbilisi, GE
Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone

During the “Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship” project, personnel of the institution will be trained in the area of entrepreneurship to improve the delivery of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial teaching.

  • Freetown, SL
Enhancing institutional and staff capacity at the Nimba County Community College to contribute to trade and private sector development in Liberia

The tailor made training links staff competencies and activities to private sector development

  • Badio town, LR
Strengthening the capacity of WNC in order to enhance gender mainstreaming in the NICHE programme and government institutions in Yemen

The objective of this project was to strengthen the capacity of the WNC to guide the mainstreaming of gender in the NICHE programme and in the ministries of Higher Education

  • Sana'a , YE
Enhancing Entrepreneurial Eco System at Paltrade

PALTRADE organizational and individual capacity building in export trade promotion for further development of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable economic growth

  • Ramallah, PS