MSM Lecturer instructions and guidelines

Please find below important information and instructions regarding your teaching assignment. We would appreciate if you would read it carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the programme administrator or responsible MSM Academic Course Coordinator.

In the MSM Teaching & Grading Guidelines all topics are explained more in detail. All lecturers are expected to be aware of the information provided in these guidelines. 

Peer review at MSM

  • Peer review is an important aspect within academic quality enhancement. In the Netherlands a four-eye-principle is required by the Dutch Higher Education Law for all parts of a course including content of the course, setting and grading examinations. Therefore, for each course within the MSM-MBA and MSM-MM programme an MSM Academic Course Coordinator (ACC) is assigned who is fully responsible for the content and examination of the course.
  • Lecturers are required to meet with the ACC approx. six weeks before the course to discuss and agree upon the course content and examination (components).
  • In order to ensure the consistency and quality of the academic content and rigor of all courses, the ACC will carry out a pre-course and post-course peer review. Courses can only take place based on a positive pre-course peer review. Grades will only be published after a positive post-course peer review.
  • For more information on the background and process of Academic Course Coordination at MSM, please click here.


  • Please prepare the syllabus based on the template that is available in the Welcome section of your course in Moodle. Specific instructions are available directly in the syllabus template.
  • The final syllabus should be uploaded as PDF four weeks prior to the course start.

Course material

  • Please upload the course material to the respective sections in Moodle.
  • For PowerPoint presentations the MSM PowerPoint template should be used which is available in the Course slides section.
  • For articles, please add the link to the article instead of PDF’s.
  • Paid cases need to be requested at the MSM InfoCenter -


  • All examination components are listed and explained in the syllabus template.
  • Any deviations should be discussed with the MSM Academic Course Coordinator.
  • In case of changes, please inform the programme administrator.


  • All examination components need to be graded directly in Moodle within three weeks after the submission deadline.
  • Please see the PowerPoint instruction and video on how to grade in Moodle below.
  • Once you have completed all grading, please inform the responsible programme administrator.

 Grading in Moodle in case of exams
 Grading in Moodle based on a rubric
 Instruction video Grading in Moodle based on a rubric

Class attendance

  • Class attendance is compulsory for this course. A participant attending less than 75% of the classes of the course, will be required to submit a course assignment (details please see the syllabus).
  • Class attendance is recorded in Moodle by a pass/fail examination component, please see instructions below.

Grading class attendance in Moodle