Project references

Training on Women Empowerment in the Medical Sector of Bangladesh

The purpose of the training is to empower female medical experts in Bangladesh. Concretely, the training focuses on women in training at the Shishu Hospital in Dhaka for a medical specialization and that may go back to a hospital in the rural areas. The participants were introduced to the basics of gender equality and sensitivity, female talent development and strengthening female leadership. The Shishu Hospital is an academic hospital for children in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The training is a follow-up of work by MSM in the area of leadership and management of women in higher education in Ethiopia. Together with the Ethiopia Education Strategy Centre a toolbox and training had been developed and made available at Subsequently, a training program was developed and delivered to middle management of universities on the West Bank, Palestine.

In the meantime, exchange platforms on gender and health are being developed between core groups of trainees in the various countries.

Types of services provided:

  • Training
  • Technical support to gender mainstreaming in health

This project is funded by the Elisabeth Strouven Fonds.