Project references

United Entrepreneurship Coalition

The program of the United Entrepreneurship Coalition was aiming at pro-poor sustainable economic growth, particularly through (1) strengthening relevant local partners, (2) facilitating entrepreneurship; and (3) creating an enabling environment for private sector development in Burundi, Kosovo, Liberia, Rwanda, and the Palestinian Territories. Within this coalition, MSM provides support through training and curriculum development.

In Rwanda, MSM was supporting the Rwanda Tourism University College (RTUC) in Entrepreneurship Curriculum Development.  RTUC is a private institute established in 2006 as an Institute of Higher Learning and in 2008, it turned into Rwanda Tourism University College. Its vision is to become a Centre of Excellence in the region for the quality of its academic programs and to be a solution provider for the training of professionals in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism and Business Information Technology.

MSM supported RTUC in its development to become an even more entrepreneurial institution, strengthening of the still young RTUC Entrepreneurship Centre, and setting-up a BSc program on Enterprise development including ToT.