Project references

Introducing the Triple Helix approach as a Catalyst for Skills Development for Mega Projects to support Economic Growth in Eastern Africa

The project provides capacity building through a Triple Helix training program at the Technical University of Kenya (a university with a specific TVET mandate!) and KCA University, and in partnership with LIWA (Linking Industry with Academia), RMPCC (Regional Mega Projects Coordination Council), and Addis Ababa TVET Agency, through an adapted version of the Triple Helix for the East African context. One major adaption will be to include a fourth partner/stakeholder, namely the development partners.

The Triple Helix approach is tested in the oil and gas sector in Kenya, and aligned with the SOGA-project (Skills for Oil and Gas), currently being implemented at Technical University of Kenya. A role out of the training will be provided in Ethiopia.

Type of service provided:

  • A customised Triple Helix (blended learning) program at Technical University Kenya, developed and piloted for roll-out in Kenya, Ethiopia
  • 15 Kenyan TU-K, LIWA, RMPCC and 15 Ethiopian staff nominated through the AA-TVET Agency will have completed the customised pilot Triple Helix training Program
  • Triple Helix Model tested for Oil and Gas sector and experiences and examples of good practices disseminated.
  • Triple Helix Training Program available for replication in other regions of Africa through a Training of Trainers program.
  • Awareness of the Triple Helix approach in neighbouring countries, initially Ethiopia, has improved and feasibility studies for similar initiatives are conducted.