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Training on Research Methods

The learning outcomes of tailor made training program, conducted partly in Georgia (10 days), partly in the Netherlands (10 days), were enhanced knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative research methods for 8 faculty members from Iliauni Business School. As tangible outputs, 7 working papers developed as part of the training process were completed (with the intention of compiling into an edited book publication); in addition, two work-in-progress papers were seeded: one is on the High Performance Organization concept in the Georgian banking sector; and the second is on impact of the Georgian trade policies towards the EU and Russia in context of the Association Agreement with the EU and formation of the Eurasion Union.

In the second part of the program in the Netherlands, the participants were able learn–by-experience and benchmark, including on issues such as academic standards, working paper formats, publications and research at Masters and Doctoral levels as well as, particularly, on research policy, strategy and applied research.