Project references

Training on Women Empowerment in the Medical Sector of Ethiopia

The purpose of the training was to empower female medical experts in Ethiopia. Concretely, the training focuses on women in training at the Black Lion Hospital for a medical specialization and that will go back to a community hospital, supplemented by senior staff of the Black Lion Hospital. Both groups will be introduced into the basics of female talent development and strengthening female leadership. The second group will also be trained as a master trainer, capacitating them to be able in future to train groups of women. The Black Lion Hospital is the academic hospital of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

The training is a follow-up of work by MSM in the area of leadership and management of women in higher education in Ethiopia and beyond. Together with the Ethiopia Education Strategy Centre a toolbox has been developed and made available at Subsequently, a training program is developed and delivered to middle management of universities on the West Bank, Palestine. In East Ethiopia, MSM is offers training and develops a roadmap on women empowerment. This is implemented in cooperation with the universities of Haramaya, Dire Dawa, and Jigjiga.