Project references

Training on Impact for Investment

In order to build up the knowledge in the field of impact investment, it is proposed that the project will first work with SBS staff on awareness and further curriculum development. The focus is on the development of three executive training courses on impact investment.

After an initial workshop on impact investment, time will be spent on the  development of local impact investment case studies as this makes a programme as such more Africa-focused.

Next SBS staff will be going on an exposure visit to the Netherlands. In addition the staff will start to work in the form of a TOT workshop on the development of four executive training courses on impact investment:
1. A course will cater for the investors such as banks, venture funds and other potentially interested social investors
2. A course for businesses to see how they can develop more impact with their business in the region.
3. A course for policy makers in order to focus on the regulatory environment.
4. A course for NGOs to see how they can become social investors.

In Kenya a multi stakeholder workshop will be organized to discuss the proposed Programmes.
Finally aspects of these courses will be further developed and possibly parts can be further incorporated in modules for MBA students.