Project references

Tailor-made Training: Developing the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) as an Entrepreneurial University

The main objective of the project is to strengthen GIPA as an entrepreneurial university. The project comprises a combination of training, coaching and actual research linked to the entrepreneurial university concept that is summarised below:

The concept of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial university

  • The concept of entrepreneurship: what is an entrepreneur?
  • The factors determining the success of an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial organisations.
  • Educating for leadership, management and entrepreneurship
  • From an individual entrepreneur to an entrepreneurial university
  • Leadership, strategy, culture, structure and systems to support the entrepreneurial university
  • Strengthening business education, including particularly the MBA program within the entrepreneurial university framework

Academic entrepreneurship

  • How to assess whether your institute is entrepreneurial
  • An assessment tool based on a questionnaire developed by the OECD
  • How to use it in a practical situation
  • Results of applying the tool elsewhere
  • Administration of the tool in GIPA
  • Analyzing to what extent GIPA is an entrepreneurial university and a comparison with another institute in Georgia
  • Presenting the results of the assessment
  • Conclusions about similarities and differences between GIPA and other entrepreneurial universities, national experiences
  • Comparing with international experiences
  • Plan of action to become a more entrepreneurial university
  • Evaluation of the implemented changes
  • Final event and evaluation of implemented change