Project references

Building a Sustainable Agri-Business Base at the Caucasus School of Business at the Caucasus University in Tbilisi

In order to build up the knowledge in the field of sustainable agri-business, the TMT will start with an initial workshop on sustainable agri- business practices. Next the project will work with CSB staff on the development of action-research skills.  Two workshops on action research methods and skills will be provided whereby three agri-business action research projects will be developed. The results will be presented at two multi-stakeholder seminars, one at the regional and one at the national level.
Results of the research and the multi-stakeholder-seminars will be used to develop sustainable short term courses of about one week each on sustainable agri-business aspects such as courses on standards, sustainable farm management and sustainable export practices. In addition, the programme will provide training for the development of a MBA specialization in sustainable agri-business management.
Secondly, the research-findings will lead to a review of the curriculum on research methods.
But most important the TMT will provide for a knowledge base at CSB in the field of sustainable agri-business which can cater for further research and advisory services.

Moreover, the National and regional seminars will cater for a dialogue between the university and the government for improved sustainable agri-business policy development.