Project references

Entrepreneurship Development in Somaliland; Strengthening UOH Capacity for Facilitating Business Start-Ups

This tailor-made training program, executed between September 2015 and September 2016,  provided staff and students of UoH with the opportunity to think about and possibly to start their own business. Therefore, this training program on entrepreneurship development enhanced UoH staff’ knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship development in combination with setting-up an entrepreneurship engagement program, and as such contributed to youth employment and economic development in Somaliland.

The training program resulted in:

  • A shared UoH strategy and organizational structure on entrepreneurship engagement
  • An operational plan for setting up the UoH Entrepreneurship Center
  • Formulation and dissemination of an entrepreneurship engagement program for students
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills of 20 participants on enterprising teaching methods.