Project references

Strengthening the Capacity of the National Agricultural Research Centre

NARC developed a strategic Plan (2016-2020), formulated under supervision of ICARDA (the International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas), to improve farmer productivity, livelihoods, effective use of natural resources. As part of the strategic plan, NARC assessed the current status, including institutional framework and capacities, identification of agricultural research gaps and priority needs among stakeholders.

The TMT proposal fits in the new strategic plan. In particular, the TMT project touched two levels:

  1. Institutional level: Set up a research competency development training system for researchers within NARC  and development of an appropriate research policy,
  2. Individual level: Increase of research competencies of the 20 young researchers through research methodology and skills training program and counseling. Young researchers from agricultural colleges/ universities will attend the training.

The TMT consists of several interventions, the main one being training of NARC staff combined with advice and counseling and an exploratory visit to an Agricultural research center and presentation of a research paper in a conference in the Netherlands.

Intervention A should be facilitated by counseling and guidance on development of the research competency development training system for researchers within NARC.

Intervention B is implemented through a tailor-made training program, offering a customized training program on research methodology and skills covering the major approaches in quantitative and qualitative research methods. 

In addition, two senior researchers from NARC will visit the Netherlands for a conference and visiting an agricultural research center to benefit from their experience.