Project references

Strengthening skills and training capacity in horticulture in Kenya

In line with the priority themes Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) and Water (focus on water for agriculture) the project will:

  • Improve training facilities at the participating ATVETs for field trials, processing activities, online environment (for blended learning teaching) and develop the satellite program; establishment of practical training at selected locations (in-company or public fields) in collaboration with private sector, alumni, educational institutions and (county)government.
  • Improve linkages between ATVET, private horticulture sector, County government and other training institutions in development and delivery of the horticulture training programmes. The project will also explore mechanisms for joint delivery and financing of training programme between TVET institutions, agribusinesses and private sector trainers.
  • Develop and review quality horticulture training programs focussed on:
    • practical skills in climate smart and water smart horticulture production tackling the unpredictability of rainfall and poor governance related to water use and storage.
    • integrating innovative incubation projects; oriented to cultivating and managing plots, tackling  costly quality inputs, accessing investment, entrepreneurship (attracting youth)
    • use of ICT in teaching and with horticulture production (sensors etc.) to stimulate youth to engage in agriculture.
    • post-harvest handling, value addition and processing of nutritious fruits and vegetables to establish diversified and sustainable horticultural value chains.
    • food safety systems, standards and certification, traceability, testing food products on contaminants, hygienic practices on- and off-farm.
    • nutritional aspects of fruits and vegetables.
  • Train ATVET teaching staff on practical skills and learning processes (among which through the work place programme), facilitation of incubation projects, blended learning, gender mainstreaming and inclusivity. 
  • Establishing a horticulture triple helix platform connecting the value chain (including small-scale farmers), supporters and training institutions to strengthen partnership/collaboration  to sustain effective practical horticulture training and business support services at ATVETs and ATCs, County polytechnics.
  • Female talent development program at ATVETs is developed in collaboration with the industry and implemented.

Developing modern online courses that can be used online or offline, making it accessible combined with the satellite program, online also enables knowledge sharing between staff/students in Kenya and Netherlands.

Type of service includes:

  • Training of Trainers
  • Education
  • Applied Research
  • Strategy Advice
  • Private Sector Linking Mapping
  • Capacity Building of the organisations involved
  • Policy Development
  • Policy Linkages

The project will run from June 2019 until December 2021