Project references

Strengthening Educational Institutes in Providing Capacity Building Services for Sustainable Agricultural Development

The overall aim of this Dutch sponsored Nuffic project is to contribute to sustained food security in Rwanda by meeting national needs for education, research and technology transfer in agricultural production, value chain management and agribusiness. Local client organizations are from Higher Education (University of Rwanda and INES Ruhengeri) and from TVET sector (Workforce Development Authority and Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centers). Critical elements in the project are:

  • Capacity development of the two academic organizations aimed at enhancing the quality and the labor market relevance of their i) curricula and education, ii) applied research and iii) support to TVET sector.
  • Capacity development of WDA and the IPRCs in such a way they are able to develop, implement and maintain quality TVET programs and practical skills training that deliver graduates that respond to the needs of farmers (men and women) as well as to demands of farmer support groups, farmer cooperatives and agribusinesses.
  • Capacity development of client organizations aimed at development, implementation and maintenance of demand oriented, gender sensitive educational and training services, that deliver graduates, improved human resources and research results that respond to the needs of Government,  institutions in agriculture and farmers (support) organizations.
  • Capacity development of client organizations to strengthen these government institutions in agriculture, private sector, extension service providers and farmer (support) organizations to provide tailored, practical and applicable services that respond to the needs of farmers (men and women), farmer cooperatives and agribusinesses.