Project references

Strengthening Cap. for Sustainable Innovation Processes

The project focusses on curriculum development and training of faculty, on research, and on strengthening the interaction within the agricultural sector in Palestine. The project serves as a pilot towards a broader objective of expanding and deepening the academic resource base of the universities, innovating their educational operations, expanding their linkages to the public and private sector and strengthening their management and governance. More concretely, the project focusses on:

  • Institutional and managerial strengthening of the four academic institutions, including setting up a platform for inter-university cooperation.
  • Educational strengthening by introduction of demand-driven, labour-market relevant and gender sensitive education and training in the field of food and agribusiness and Rural development on Master level.
  • Research, by facilitating demand-driven, labour-market relevant and gender-sensitive applied research and setting-up of an expert centre.
  • Networking and interaction with the wider group of stakeholders in the field of Food- and Agribusiness and Rural development, including the development of a nation-wide information campaign.

A key characteristic of the project is its strong business orientation. Linkages between the university faculty and students with Palestinian and Dutch businesses will be facilitated, among others operationalized in the set-up of an Entrepreneurship Centre, innovating entrepreneurship education, and the initiation of an Entrepreneurship development fund.