Project references

Strategic Planning and KPI Management

Target organization

Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities in Algeria.

Program context

  • Transform the Ministry of 500.000 civil servants into an effective and efficient institution which can be relied upon to provide a safe and secure socio-economic and political environment. Target date 2024.
  • Formulate policy act as facilitator, coordinate and monitor the timely and efficient delivery of services to citizens and the stakeholders in an equitable and transparent manner


On the short term participants are able to think and act systemically and create a simple map to communicate strategic direction and identify the different types of measurements and knowing how to select the measurements.

The long term objectives of the training were:

  • Providing Algerian Officials with the necessary tools to allow them to develop and deploy effective performance measurement and performance management systems
  • Acquiring the pillars that allow MILA to follow the successful experiences and to achieve its goals regarding internal affairs especially local socio-economic and environmental development.