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Strategic Leadership Training

MSM is providing a focused, high-level executive education program to 20 senior officials from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia. The training program provides the competencies and insights in various aspects of performance management, process mapping and organizational analysis. It consists of lecture deliveries, highly practice-oriented, combined with work visits to among others Rijkswaterstaat and Hydropower plant, and the European Commission.

This program is part of a process of organizational reform of the Indonesian government institutes since they are confronted with a number of external forces in their operations, such as decentralization of tasks and responsibilities and enhanced stakeholder expectations (and demands) regarding quality of services and accountability. Subsequently, enhancement of operational performance is required, for which a reform of core operational processes is required as well as skills to manage these processes successfully.
The opening session was attended by Her Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia, Ms. Retno L.P. Marsudi, signifying the importance that the Indonesian Government attaches to this program. She made clear that capacitating the Indonesian work force, to be able to meet the challenges of one of the largest global economies, is of eminent importance.