Project references

Strategic Leadership & Change and Leadership Skills

Within the setting of the project “Kenya Informal Settlements Improvement Project, KISIP” and the change and development agenda of the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Kenya, there was - because of a recent merger between three ministries - a need for the development of leadership competencies in order to drive the process of institutional development.

The program had three components:
The first and second component were about the competence to align vision, mission and strategy of the three different Ministries that had been merged. In line with this set up the focus in the first week was on developing vision and mission, strategy, organizational structure and the competence in managing change.
In the second week the third component of the program focused on skills that managers and leaders need to implement the change and manage the organization towards better performance. Besides the practicing of different skills like negotiation, chairing meetings, convincing and presentation skills, participants had to work on an evening group assignment. The end results were evaluated on the basis of the skills that had been trained during the program and how they should contribute to the achievement of the expected end results.