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Strategic Development for CSO's Focusing both on Refugees and the Local Vulnerable Population

MSM is organizing a tailor-made program providing training to the Institute on Family Health Care (IFH) in Jordan. IFH itself is supervising more than 15 NGO’s providing assistance to the refugees in Jordan. At present, more and more the assistance programs of the NGO’s are coming into conflict with the local often vulnerable population. There is a growing perception that the refugees are receiving disproportionately high amounts of international aid. Growing tensions and potential conflict between Jordan’s vulnerable population and refugees, forces Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) to rebuild their strategies, both the operational strategies as well as the communication strategies. MSM will therefore target staff and trainers of IFH in developing dual strategies, policies and processes focusing both at refugees as well as at the local population in further capacitating the smaller local NGO’s and CSO’s which do fall within their mandate.