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Setting up a blended learning program for sustainable inclusive agricultural value chain development in Indonesia

The supermarket retail segment in Indonesia is growing, and very demanding with respect to quality, regular supply, traceability and food safety. This rewarding segment creates opportunities for small farmers, but at the same time, the lack of organisation, low quality, deficiencies in post-harvest management, transport and storage facilities, make it difficult for supermarkets to source from small farmers.

Students of the Business School of IPB and the Agricultural Faculty of UNPATTI lack preparation and practical concepts to carry out serious value chain analysis and to bring recommendations in practice, to address these challenges and opportunities. Small universities in remote rural areas such as Ambon where these challenges are even more relevant, lack resources and connectivity.

This 3 year project responds to this situation, introducing an innovative, practical and cost-effective way of capacity building on inclusive and sustainable value chain analysis and promotion:

  • Establishing a multidisciplinary network approach between the Agriculture Faculty of UNPATTI, the Business School of IPB, Agrofair, and MSM
  • Carrying out action research in concrete value chains
  • Introduction of a blended learning concept (with a mix of face-to-face learning and ICT tools
  • Strengthening and establishing links with local and regional multi-stakeholder Innovation platforms.