Project references


The objective of the project is to Strengthen Education for Agricultural Development (SEAD) in the Western Province. Project partners are: Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Rwanda Polytechnic (RP), IPRC Karongi and 3 TSS/VTC. The project aims to deliver:

  • TVET Curriculum review / development in the areas of horticulture and agri-tourism
  • STIC (Service Training and Innovation Centre) as a joint facilities and operation between TVET education and private sector
  • Build and strengthen organizational capacity for successful delivery of the new curricula (didactical, technical, research, managerial)

Type of services provided:

  • Curriculum re-view and development
  • Training of academic and managerial staff
  • Training of extension service workers, district officers, cooperation’s and farmers
  • Coaching SME’s
  • Initiating of and investment in cooperation between education institution and private sector company
  • Funding of applied research projects

The project will run from January 2019 until December 2021