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Refresher Course on Agritourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

From 02 until 10 October 2019, MSM and the Business and Technology University (BTU) jointly organized a Refresher Course on Agritourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tbilisi, Georgia. The course introduced participants in very practical ways to the tenets, key concepts and opportunities of agritourism and its linkages with entrepreneurship and innovation.

Supporting agribusiness and agritourism and empowering rural communities is an integral development strategy in the Caucaus region according to Bruno Balvanera, Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This entails developing entrepreneurial self-sufficiency and fully enjoying the opportunities offered in the beautiful region. In this context, the Refresher Course strengthened the local and regional abilities to create new agritourism initiatives applying sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial practices.

Besides gaining knowledge on agritourism, innovation and entrepreneurship, participants benefited from exposure to actual agritourism ventures in Georgia. They learned from experience and also had the opportunity to apply concepts from the training room. This presented an attractive option for all participants to explore an exciting and emerging field.

Ultimately, this refresher course contributed to the development of entrepreneurial skills of the participants, supporting their entrepreneurial development, becoming more innovative in meeting international standards of entrepreneurship development and agritourism