Project references

Partnerships Research Centre

The Partnerships Resource Centre is an independent center. It is designed as an international network in which the founding parties act as equal partners and in which all interested parties can participate. The main aim of the center is to enhance the scientific underpinnings of cross sector partnerships around the world, thereby contributing to their sophistication and effectiveness.

The overall objective of the activities envisaged in the Value Chain Trajectory is to improve public knowledge of how partnerships can promote the inclusion of smallholders and SMEs in (global) value chains, resulting in more local sustainable competitiveness.

At the end of the project period the efforts of this trajectory should have resulted in:

  • An accessible roadmap that explains to practitioners and policy makers how they can make (global) value chains more sustainable and inclusive;
  • A series of papers that are submitted for publication to academic journals on the role of partnerships in changing the business institutions to make (global) value chains more sustainable and inclusive; 
  • A network of researchers linked to local universities in four regions of the world that have developed capacity to carry out research on partnerships for sustainable value chain development.