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Improving the Labour Market Responsiveness of Technical Education in Tanzania

Institutional support has been provided to the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE), in order to be able to lead the sector-wide process of enhancing the labor-market responsiveness of Technical-vocational education in Tanzania.

The assignment was embedded in the wider setting of education sector reforms in Tanzania, strengthening competence based learning and improving the supply and the quality of vocational education in Tanzania, in support of private sector development.

Project interventions have included:

  • Institutional strengthening of NACTE, including leadership and professional development through training of staff, support in strategy-making, innovation of the educational functions,
  • The review of the labor market and assessment of quantitative and qualitative skill requirements
  • Support in the strengthening of the quality assurance process throughout the chain of registration and accredita¬tion of technical-vocational schools
  • The development and piloting of educational approaches and training modules in the area of entrepreneurship and life skills, to be integrated in the curricula of various technical colleges.
  • Support in the establishment of business linkage platforms

The educational support activities were piloted through two technical educational institutes, the College of Business Education in Dar es Salaam and the Zanzibar Institute for Tourism Development.

Type of services provided:
Expert inputs for:

  • Institutional strengthening of NACTE, covering a/o areas institutional strategy, income generation, educational innovation and gender
  • Training of counterpart staff in areas of educational leadership and management, educational didactics and quality assurance,
  • Training of 8 academic staff at Doctoral level
  • Design and development of training programs for in entrepreneurship for technical-vocational colleges
  • Development of systems and procedures for quality assurance and accreditation.
  • The organization of exposure programs for staff from NACTE and counterpart institutions,
  • The set-up of business linkages