Project references

Incubation and entrepreneurship development in agro-technology in Western Africa

This course introduced participants to innovative techniques and current entrepreneurship skills in the agribusiness sector. As presented in the rapid assessment by the Alumni network, beneficiary firms and Alumni network, these are skills gaps needed to transform individuals and expand their respective businesses in West Africa.

The tailor made training course participants and their respective institutions benefited from the achievement of the following key objectives:

  • To enhance knowledge on innovation & entrepreneurship in agro-tech
  • To accurately assess the needs of individual beneficiary institutions.
  • To produce an entrepreneurship development plan appropriate for these institutions.
  • To manage a process to implement these plans.
  • To network effectively within a self-help group (i.e., the alumni), to gain and offer mutually beneficial input for the benefit of individual institutions
  • To attain results measureable against development goals derived by each institution