Project references

Improving demand-driven vocational training & education in poultry and dairy

In this project the poultry and dairy vocational programs in 10 SMK’s will become gender sensitive, agribusiness driven and certified on the basis of the three CO’s, hence authorities, companies and educators working together in curricula formulation, certification, implementation and evaluation. In order to achieve this, the proposed project approach has the following eight main characteristics:

  • Focus on a specific agricultural sub-sector (animal production)
  • Development of Triple Helix platform and – pilot projects
  • Building on existing pool of well-trained Polytechnic teachers that will train teachers
  • Introduction of innovative, e-learning
  • Strengthening management and leadership
  • Involvement of six SMK LSP centres for learners and the national LSP training centre for teachers
  • Co-education facilitation
  • Rollout to a larger group of SMK’s.

The three specific objectives are:

  1. Establishing and sustaining a national Triple Helix Advisory platform that steers the process of agribusiness driven poultry and dairy programs during and (possibly) after the project
  2. Formulating and certifying gender-sensitive poultry and dairy educational programs (curricula/OJT practical-work based), based on agricultural professions that respond to the needs of agribusiness and training/certifying of staff and leadership.
  3. Disseminating and sustaining project achievements and lessons learned through the system of Master teachers training other teachers (ToT), by selecting more SMK’s, and the continuous work of the Triple Helix Advisory platform

The project is named SMK Ayam dan Sapi 2019-2021 (SAS21)