Project references

Toolbox Female Talent Program in Higher Education Institutions

The NICHE-ETH-015 project resulted among others in a proposal in which a female faculty capacity development program is defined, building on findings and recommendations of a gender assessment on the position of female faculty members. This assessment was part of the NICHE project as well. This proposed training program was designed by capitalizing on the review of a large number of women leadership programs, mostly in universities and private sector settings, in different parts of the world.

This ‘Learning Initiative’ brought this report one big step further, by piloting the program and subsequently developing an Implementable toolbox, online, accessible in Ethiopia and beyond: This toolbox offers sets of practical instruments and references to be used by professionals working on strengthening female talent in higher institutions in Ethiopia. It is expected to be used by female faculty members and leaders of all universities, and by trainers working in female faculty leadership.