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Entrepreneurial University Transformation

The training workshop contributes to improved management and leadership, specifically related to strategic planning in general and to strategic aspects of entrepreneurial universities.

It is well understood that higher education institutions play a vital role in furthering the national economy as drivers of innovation and in ensuring the availability of needed human capacities. However, although higher education institutions are increasingly teaming-up with businesses, whether locally or internationally, the reality is that many institutions are struggling with this new role.

Globally, and in particular in countries with large proportion of youth, political pressures are high to strengthen entrepreneurial skills, mind-sets and behavior of graduates, so that they can effectively contribute to a vision of innovation and new business start-ups, which contributes to economic growth and job creation.

Whilst these global and macro issues are well understood by higher education institutions, their own transformation requires in-depth needs analysis and careful planning.


The overall objective of the training workshop was to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial universities, to provide them with tools for assessment and prepare a plan for enhancing entrepreneurship at the university / department.

  1. To enhance knowledge on 'Entrepreneurial University';
  2. To identify the relevance of the entrepreneurial university concept for KNUST;
  3. To accurately assess the entrepreneurial transformation needs of KNUST, using the European Commission – OECD self-assessment framework;
  4. To produce an entrepreneurial transformation plan / departmental plans appropriate for KNUST.