Project references

Enhancing institutional and staff capacity at the Nimba County Community College to contribute to trade and private sector development in Liberia

The key measure to ensure that staff learning is applied in the organisation will be to require participants to draft feasible action plans at the end of each training module. Action plans will therefore require staff to:

  • Identify specific task(s) they would like perform, eg, to design a new course, develop a keystakeholder, address a societal problem, such as Youth unemployment, etc.
  • Determine relevant objectives relating to the task(s), eg, to increase female participation inbusiness, decrease level of unemployment amongst graduates, etc.
  • Determine appropriate interventions to achieve task(s), eg, awareness training, fund raising,proposal drafting, etc.
  • Drafting a logical set of steps to achieve the task(s)
  • Identifying resource needs ie, physical, financial and human
  • Producing an outline for the overall task that can be shared with other NCCC staff or management.

To ensure participants are successful in realizing their tasks, it will be incumbent upon MSM experts to help them to identify ideas that are realistic and have a high chance of ‘quick wins/returns’.  In this manner NCCC staff will gain confidence to take on bigger more complex tasks.

Finally, to support NCCC staff to realise their action plans, a local resource person will be available to assist staff with both practical matters and specific issues concerning entrepreneurship and private sector development.