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Enhancing Entrepreneurial Eco System

The main course of action that is expected to eliminate the hardships faced by graduates with innovative entrepreneurial ideas is an echo system that starts with their study at universities; the main intervention that can partly solve innovative students and graduates problems and prevent them from failures; is to give them the necessary knowledge and aptitude through their study by updating curricula and building the capacity of their teachers.

Through this tailor – made – training program, PPU will be benefitting from training of the academic staff members in entrepreneurial topics. Through the selected faculty members of each college. The trainings will provide them with the knowledge necessary to encourage and shape the innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among their students. PPU academic staff members will also convey the knowledge they will receive through this training to other teachers to assure the adoption of innovative approaches and methodologies of entrepreneurial education. Other staff from the community serving centers will be involved in updating curricula and training graduates through PPU centers and divisions of services.