Project references

Development of an Executive MBA Strengthening Agribusiness in Ethiopia

The projects has the broader ambition to achieve
(1) Increased food security and agricultural growth in Ethiopia;
(2) Better access for Ethiopians to more and more nutritious food;
(3) Increased trade relations between Ethiopia and the Netherlands.

Within this context, the project is developing the (academic and organizational) capacity of Jimma University to:
1. Manage an internationally accredited executive MBA in Agribusiness (run with public and private finance) that delivers graduates with requisite knowledge, skills, and right attitude necessary to be competitive in a global environment and responsive to labor market and gender needs;

2. Manage an agribusiness leadership centre of excellence, offering market-driven executive training programs (incl. on female leadership), consultancy, contract research, and stakeholder seminars; and

3. Carry out applied research on Agribusiness.

The final beneficiaries of this project are employees / middle-management of agribusiness related industry and other agribusiness-related managers in Ethiopia, in particularly women, as well as agribusiness entrepreneurs, and companies and organizations sending staff to attend the EMBA or training programs, or participate in research.

This Executive MBA will be the first of its kind in Ethiopia.