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Capacity Building for Strengthening the Livestock Value Chain (LVC)

At the end of the project, Egerton University has the academic and organisational capacity to manage and operate a Centre of Excellence for Livestock Innovation and Business (CoELIB) with regional scope that is labour market oriented and gender sensitive. The organization will have the academic and organisational capacity to manage and operate a successful agribusiness incubator in the livestock value chain (LVC) with an international scope that benefits young graduates and innovative entrepreneurs. EGU has enhanced Academic capacity in the various relevant disciplines in pedagogy, gender mainstreaming, entrepreneurship, incubation, outreach and consultancy, etc. Newly developed and revised practical competence based training courses offered by the CoELIB that pay sufficient attention to business development, entrepreneurship, gender and inclusiveness
Extension & outreach programmes at CoELIB operationalized and staff capacitated in initiating, conducting and managing of outreach and extension undertakings in livestock innovation and inclusive business practices.
CoELIB established and strengthened linkages with private stakeholders, technology suppliers and other incubators in Kenya, region and Europe.