Project references

Building Capacities in Agribusiness

Overall scope of the capacity building project is the support of the Indonesian Agribusiness sector at large in its development, in particular promoting its competitive strength, as one of the prime drivers of sustainable economic development.

Institutional development objective is the strengthening of IPB Bogor to be positioned as the central hub in the process of knowledge development and dissemination for the agri-business sector and government.
The project targets the development of IPB’s academic and professional competencies to conduct its educational, research and community outreach activities. Particular focus is on the development of a platform for government-industry interaction, the strengthening of applied research in the field of agri-production with inclusion of the business community in the process and the strengthening of business incubation operations.

Applied research will target various areas of agriculture, sustainable development and industrial competitiveness and provide a basis for interaction with the business community and government.