Project references

Build Capacity to deliver Competent Graduates for Enhanced Competitiveness in the Dairy Value Chain

The overall objective of the project is to build the capacity of Egerton University (EGU) and Dairy Training Institute (DTI) to deliver competent graduates for enhanced competitiveness in the dairy value chain (DVC) through delivery of quality, market relevant and gender sensitive programs and research. The Project focuses on the following specific objectives:

  • EGU’s and DTI’s organizational, technical and training capacity strengthened and gender equity enhanced;
  • EGU and DTI offer curricula that are entrepreneurial, gender sensitive, practically oriented and include life skills    to meet the needs of the DVC at certificate, diploma, BSc & MSc level;
  • EGU and DTI have undertaken good practice research in the DVC and strengthened their collaboration with other dairy training institutions and stakeholders for improved technologies and quality education.

MSM’s is contributing through organizational development and setting up a training program in an outreach location of Egerton University and DTI.