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Bright Future in Agriculture South: Enhancing employability and food security in Ethiopia through quality ATVETs in horticulture

Bright Future in Agriculture – South (BFA - South) is a multi-year project in support of the Ethiopian agricultural vocational education sector. The main contribution of the project will be on creating more opportunities for (youth) employment and hence improved business and value chains in the horticultural sub-sector. This is done as follows:

  • Strengthening the capabilities of ATVET/Polytechnic teachers to implement gender transformative Occupational Standards for (organic) horticultural programmes with an emphasis on practical approaches and teaching methodologies, water management, technologies to increase productivity in an eco-friendly manner, inclusive value chain innovations (marketing, value addition, safety standards) nutrition and hands-on capacity.
  • Strengthening the regional Agricultural bureau SNNPR as a regulatory body and capacitating ATVETS/Polytechnics in the axis Addis – Hawassa – Arba Minch to perform market oriented, inclusive and eco-friendly horticulture-, and irrigation training programmes in collaboration with the industry, with adequate practical facilities and increased efficiency of leadership, being positioned to act as models for other ATVETs in the Country.
  • Improving federal level policy / stakeholder cooperation and experience sharing through strengthened linkages of ATVETs/ Polytechnics along the axis Addis – Hawassa – Arba Minch corridor with relevant federal agencies State Minister for TVET, MoA , FTA, FTI all key partners of Bright Future Agriculture (BFA) consortium, the BFA project itself and its triple helix platforms, relevant center of excellences in water and horticulture, private sector (incl. industrial parks), FTCs and other horticulture/irrigation organizations, resulting in a regional triple helix platform that will focus on (organic) horticulture in combination with irrigation, to support collaborative research, outreach and training to come to future proof nutrition sensitive and eco-friendly horticulture growth and export along this corridor.

Type of services provided:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Partnership management
  • Project Management
  • Curriculum development
  • Applied Research
  • Women empowerment support
  • IDP support

The project runs from September 2019 until December 2021