Project references

Institutional strengthening of national bodies for technical and vocational education in Ghana in terms of accreditation, supervision and management and by making ATVET competence based

This proposal builds upon existing collaboration between MOFA (representing COTVET/National Bodies), Kwadaso Agricultural College, Asuansi Farm institute, CINOP and the AERES group. MSM (Maastricht School of Management) is added to the partnership as lead party. We have included as referred partner SBB (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven) which is the Dutch National Institute for recognition and supervision of work placements in all TVET sectors.

Focus of this project OKP-GHA 10031 is strengthening COTVET (and other National Bodies) to support integration of the ATVETB sector in the TVET system, to develop/ finalize a NQF, revise and develop NQF proof ATVET curricula and develop an action plan for implementation on the longer term the partners want to enhance their partnerships to boast academic and commercial international collaboration and further development by stimulating international trade and bilateral relations to enhance job opportunities and entrepreneurship activities for students and graduates.

Type of service provided:

  1. Technical assistance to MOFA, COTVET and other national level institutions (TEU, NABPTEX);
  2. Review of the National Qualifications Framework and integration of the ATVET system in the framework, including inclusion, gender mainstreaming, and labour market needs;
  3. Revision of ATVET curricula by the National Bodies involved, with emphasis on CBET methodology, work place experience learning, green practices, value chains, gender/ inclusion and  labour market/ entrepreneurship;
  4. Assist The National Bodies in the development of an action plan for the implementation of the revised curricula in the ATVET institutions;
  5. Support the development of an MIS system and digitalization of information;
  6. to develop and implement a strategy for realizing enhanced COTVET resource funding;
  7. Strengthening National bodies in:
    1. ATVET accreditation;
    2. ATVET supervision and management to bridge education and labour market needs;
    3. Making ATVET competence-based;
    4. Gender mainstreaming policy in place in all levels of the ATVET chain;
    5. Inclusion of marginalised groups policy in place in all levels of the ATVET chain.

The project will run from 01 July 2019 until 31 December 2021