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Training on the Use of Assessment Tools for the Analysis of Development Projects at IFE in Mongolia

This project focused on strengthening the knowledge base of the Centre on Consultancy and Research, of the Institute of Finance and Economics in order to be better capable of addressing future private sector development assessment issues in Mongolia especially in the mining and tourism sector. In order to build up the knowledge in this field, the project will work with IFE staff on the development and application of assessment tools. After an initial workshop on assessment tools, three projects will be selected and assessed in terms of a financial and a social cost benefit analysis. Based on these assessment potential investors will be approached.
The assessment tools and the results of the multi-stakeholder workshop will be used to first of all develop an executive training program. Other training products might be developed as well depending on the needs. Secondly, the results of the assessment and workshop will lead to a review of the curriculum of IFE in the field of consultancy skills which can cater for further research, project development activities and advisory services