Out of a constant aspiration to share our internationally accredited programmes, multidisciplinary teaching methodology and flexible programmes, MSM collaborates with educational institutions in emerging markets and developing countries.

If you, as an educational institute, would be interested in working together with MSM, please contact MSM Director of Education, Ms. Amy Wang.

Bucharest International School of Management (BISM)

The Executive MBA jointly offered by MSM and BISM provides postgraduate education in business administration to mid-career professionals.

Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

The MSM-Corvinus Part-time MBA Program focuses on the transition of young experts and managers from functional areas to general management.

Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia (FEB UI)

The MSM-UI programme is a part-time dual degree programme consisting of the MM programme of FEB UI and the MBA programme of MSM-UM.

MSM Kuwait, Kuwait

MSM Kuwait is a post graduate Business School in partnership with MSM. The institutes jointly offer MBA and MM programmes.

Nanjing University, China

Nanjing University and MSM share a rich and successful history of 25 years of collaboration, offering the Sino-Dutch MBA program since 1998.

Nichols College, United States

The MSM and Nichols College partnership offers students an international study experience at MSM.