NUFFIC Scholarships

Scholarships from the Dutch Government are handled through Nuffic via:

  1. Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP)
    The NFP program awarded by the Netherlands organization for international co-operation in higher education (NUFFIC) enables professionals from 51 countries to join MSM programs. The overall aim of NFP is to help alleviate qualitative and quantitative shortages of skilled manpower within a wide range of governmental, private and non-governmental organizations. This by offering fellowships to carefully selected professionals to improve the capacity of their employing organizations. The need for training has to be evident within the context of an organization.
  2. MENA Scholarship Program (MSP)
    The MSP program is a similar program aimed at mid-career professionals from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Syria, Tunisia to join MSM Executive Programs. The aim of MSP is to contribute to the democratic transition in the participating countries. Furthermore, the MSP aims to contribute to capacity building within a wide range of governmental, nongovernmental and private organizations and institutions in the selected countries.

You can only apply for a scholarship for your chosen course during the ‘application window’ for that course. There are three of these windows every year, in October, March and July.

The next NFP and MSP application window for the MSM Full-time MBA closes on 24 March 2017
Full-time MBA (Sept 2017 – Sept 2018)

For below programs the NFP and MSP application window for below programs is closed
Research Methods and Skills (RMS) (11 Sep – 1 Dec 2017)
Mastering Leadership for Sustainable and Social Impact (28 Aug – 8 Sep 2017)
Mastering Big Data Analytics (25 Sep – 6 Oct 2017)
Mastering E-Government transition (28 Aug – 8 Sep 2017)
Mastering Online Business (11 Sep – 22 Sep 2017)
Project Finance & Project Management (2 – 13 Oct 2017)
Mastering Leadership (2 -13 Oct 2017)
Mastering Management: Management challenges of healthcare (2 – 13 Oct 2017)
Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (16 – 27 Oct 2017)
Mastering African Agriculture Trade (16 – 27 Oct 2017)
Mastering University Transformation (30 Oct – 10 Nov 2017)
Mastering Reproductive Health Care (30 Oct – 17 Nov 2017)
Mastering University Management (30 – 10 Nov 2017)
Mastering Public Policy and Governance (13 – 24 Nov 2017)
Project Identification, Development and Management (15 – 26 January 2018) – MSP only


To see the application procedure for the Full-time MBA program, click here.
To see the application procedure for the Research Methods and Skills (RMS) program, click here.
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