Wine Management

The Wine Management specialization provides you with an in-depth understanding of the wine industry and of wine businesses. The specialization has a highly international focus. The specialization offers in-depth courses in

  • Oenology & Wine Tasting
  • The Wine Business Environment & Economics of Wine Markets
  • Wine Marketing & Brand Management
  • Trade, Negotiations & Logistics

Upon completion of the Wine Management specialization you are fully prepared to manage the unique complexities of the wine industry and to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the sector in an effective way.

First specialization phase is expected to run in July 2019.

Oenology & Wine Tasting
The first part of this course introduces you to the basic techniques of wine making. The course starts with basic wine making terminology. A considerable part of the course is devoted to a discussion of the treatment of vines and the vineyard, the processing of grapes and the techniques used for fermentation (both controlled and spontaneous), storing and maturation of wine. The second part of the course introduces the student to the theory and practice
of wine tasting and prepares you for taking the level 2 WSET certification.

The Wine Business Environment & Economics of Wine Markets
You will study the wine business and the structure of the international wine markets, their size, segments, share, growth, trends, as well as forecasted growth for the coming decade(s). We look at factors that are driving wine markets, both in terms of the new consumption (China, Russia, etc.) and production in the new world. You will also become familiar with the application of micro-economic principles to the wine industry and to wine firms.

Wine Marketing & Brand Management
The course discusses theories and techniques from the marketing discipline that are relevant to develop skills and knowledge for the practice of wine marketing. Among others, consumer and market behavior theory, empirical consumer behavior and market research, branding and services techniques and business-to-business theory are discussed in detail. The course also pays attention to such issues as wine market segmentation approaches, pricing strategies and wine distribution channels.

Trade, Negotiations & Logistics
The course introduces you to the basic concepts of purchasing, operations, logistics, supply chain management and trade negotiations as they apply to the wine industry. A significant part of the course is devoted to the negotiations aspects of the wine trade. The course will make you familiar with the process of business negotiations in an international context in which parties
have different interests, cultural norms, communication styles, and business. Recent negotiation theory will be used to analyze the particulars of wine trade negotiations in a two-party setting. The course also includes some practical simulation exercises in intercultural negotiation.


Meet the experts in the wine industry

Arno Aartsen Top sommelier and wine trader
“A unique feature of the program is that it teaches you the tricks of wine trade in combination with knowledge of the wines of the world and a perfection of your tasting skills.”
Frank Smulders Master of Wine – a leading wine-educator in Europe
“The MSM Executive MBA program off ers an understanding that wine management is about more than just grapes and wine quality, and lets you explore a variety of interesting management subjects, from the economics of owning and running a vineyard to the evolution of fine wine as an asset class.”
Guus Benders Viticulturist and Account Manager at Colaris Wine Trading
“If you want to succeed as a wine trader you do not only want to be equipped with wine tasting skills, but you need to possess intercultural communication skills and understand the intricacies of inter-national trade. Students who graduate from this program will have the right skills and expertise to emerge above their competitors.”
Mathieu Hulst Award-winning wine maker
One cannot study wine management in Maastricht without visiting the vineyards of Apostelhoeve
“The MSM Executive MBA program provides you not only with the necessary business and management skills, it also allows you to get a good understanding of the essential technical aspects of wine making and wine tasting and thus what it takes to produce a great bottle of wine.”


Wine regions
During the specialization phase you will conduct several study visits. You will visit the cellars of the oldest cooperative firm in the world, Winzergenossenschaft Mayschoß-Altenahr in Germany (and taste their wines). You will visit the Bordeaux wine region in France. Courses, winery visits and on the spot wine tastings are organized under the auspices of Frank Smulders MW. In a study visit to London Frank Smulders MW will make you acquainted with famous wine trading companies such as RBB, will introduce the Liv-ex wine exchange and the Institute Masters of Wine.