The MBA specialization in Entrepreneurship is designed for managers who thrive on high return, and dynamic markets that lead to complex, innovative management challenges. This specialization offers courses on

  • Entrepreneurship in a Comparative Context
  • Understanding Market Dynamics
  • Developing Viable Business Models
  • Designing & Scaling your Business

After having followed the specialization in Entrepreneurship you will understand the issues entrepreneurs in diverse markets are facing and you will be able to recognize new business opportunities. You will understand how to develop effective and profitable strategies that have both commercial and social benefits.

Entrepreneurship in a Comparative Context

In this introduction course you will learn about different forms of entrepreneurship in developing countries and advanced economies and what opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs face when entering and operating in these diverse markets. Next to lectures
and skills workshops, business case assignments will be discussed with experienced business people. During this course you will start with the development of your own business proposal.

Understanding Market Dynamics

For the successful launch of a social venture you need to know and understand your target market. In this course you will learn about the different types of markets, market segmentation and consumer profiles. Next to lectures and business skills workshops, you will work on business cases and discuss these with experienced entrepreneurs and consultants. These insights will help you in furthering your own business proposition.

Developing Viable Business Models

While an innovative product or service may address a market need, it does not automatically turn into a commercial success. A sound and solid business model is needed in order to survive in the modern market place. In this course you will be trained in the theory of business models
through lectures, assigned readings, exercises, business cases and group discussions. These insights will help you in developing your own business model so as to turn your idea into a viable business. Workshops on business skills are also part of this course.

Designing & Scaling your Business

In this course you will work on getting your innovative product or service into production, securing finance and scaling your activities. In this course you will follow lectures, conduct business case assignments, participate in skills workshops and get coaching on your business
proposition. At the end of this course, you will present and defend your business ideas to a panel.

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