DBA School


Maastricht School of Management (MSM) is one of the oldest Business Schools in the Netherlands, and the first that launched a DBA Program.

Through the development of research competencies, analytical skills, independent and creative thinking and problem-solving within ethical parameters, our DBA program aim to equip candidates with a life-long advantage in consulting, management practice or in the academic field. Currently, with almost 200 DBA participants from 34 countries in the world, the MSM DBA program is the largest DBA Program in Europe, with ample possibilities for cross-cultural networking and knowledge exchange.


Examples of recent (co-authored) publications by our doctoral participants.

  • Jayashankara, P., Ashtab, A. & Rasmussenc, M. (2015). Slow money in an age of fiduciary capitalism, Ecological Economics, 116, 322–329.
  • Kamau, P., Inanga, E.L. & Rwegasira, K. (2015). The use of currency derivatives in multilateral banks, Management Research Review, 38(5), 482–504.
  • Wang‹ombe, J.G. & Van Dijk, M.P. (2015). Sharing gains of the potato in Kenya: A case of thin governance, International Journal of Agricultural Marketing, 2(2), 34–45.

DBA Team

Prof. Wim Naudé
Prof. Naudé is Dean of Maastricht School of Management. He also holds the special Chair in Business and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets at the Maastricht University School of Economics and Business, in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Prof. Naudé is also the Associate Dean Research and the Executive Director of the MEUSE-Institute. He is also a Professor of Development Economics and Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Pascale Hardy
Dr. Hardy is the Director of the DBA School and Online Education.

Dr. Caren Crowley
Dr. Crowley works as an Assistant Professor in Research Methods.

Ms. Antonella Anastasi
Antonella Anastasi works as Research Program Officer.

Ms. Michela Parrillo
Michela Parrillo works as Research Program Officer.

Mr. Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh works as Research Program Officer. 

Ms. Iris Weijenberg
Iris Weijenberg is the DBA Admissions Officer. She teaches Literature Search and is also Manager of the MSM Information Center.