About MSM Research

MSM and Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs launched the Corvers Chair in Innovation Procurement in October 2016. The Chair is funded by Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs and the holder is Professor Nicola Dimitri. He is academically supported by research fellows Dr. Anne Rainville and Dr. Ramona Apostol.


The Corvers-MSM Chair builds up on the strong attention received in recent years by both Public Procurement and Innovation, as two fundamental drivers for growth and development, a point particularly stressed by the recent 2014 EU Public Procurement Directives. Indeed, since for example in the EU innovation procurement through public expenditure counts for about 18% of the GDP, with tight public finances procurements delivery of best value for money has become crucial for the public sector. Moreover, because of its size, innovation procurement is in a best position for promoting innovative solutions to enhance societal growth and welfare. Innovation procurement also plays a role in industrial policy – vital for creating and maintaining a competitively growing economy, and an area of concern in the EC and industrially lagging countries in Africa and Latin America in recent years.

The Chair will coordinate research and doctoral studies in the field. In addition, the Chair organizes training and capacity building, both in open enrollment and tailor-made format, in Innovation Procurement. A series of public lectures will disseminate the findings of the Chair. In these the Chair will also work with Vtrek. Vtrek is a network organization embedded within a strong system of economic and legal partners. It conducts interdisciplinary analyses informed through partnerships with Corvers Legal and Commercial Affairs, and the Corvers Chair in Innovation Procurement at Maastricht School of Management

Recent clients of the Corvers Chair include the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Het Waterschapshuis.

About Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs

Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs is a leading legal consultancy firm in the Benelux area, specialized in European public procurement law, innovation, IPR and contracting. Corvers acts as an advisor and external expert for both governmental bodies and commercial businesses. Its value relies on the complete range of legal services offered (from legal research and analysis to legal consultancy); its unique combination between academic research; expert role towards policy makers and legal consultancy to contracting authorities; strong and wide network; and involvement in a wide range of cutting-edge projects relating to e.g. new policies, new markets, new products or services, new distribution channels and new technologies. Covers is consortium partner for the European Commission’s EAFIP initiative (www.eafip.eu) on innovation procurement.


  • Dr. Nicola Dimitri
  • Dr. Anne Rainville
  • Dr. Ramona Apostol
  • Prof. Wim Naudé
  • Francesco Porpiglia


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