Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship: Which Policies & Practices Work Best?

8 May 2014

International Research and Policy Seminar
Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship: Which Policies & Practices Work Best
8-9 May 2014, MSM, Maastricht

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The role of women entrepreneurs in economic growth and social change continues to dominate recent policy debates on development. But, how does women’s entrepreneurship fuel social and economic development, including job creation and gender equality? What is known about the impact and effects of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP) policies and support programs? How can private sector and public policy contribute to successful women’s entrepreneurship? Moreover, which WEP policies and practices are sustainable and create inclusive growth and development?

These and related topics will be explored at this international policy & research seminar of the Maastricht School of Management, organized in co-operation with the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) at the University of Maastricht. The main goal of this event is to co-create knowledge and expertise that can feed joint learning, innovative practices and evidence-based policymaking for successful women’s entrepreneurship promotion and gender-just inclusive growth.

• Policies and practices for women entrepreneurship promotion: evidence of impact?
• Private sector development programs: best practices and instruments that work for women entrepreneurs
• Empowering women entrepreneurs in the value-chain: best practices and challenges
•  Women’s entrepreneurship promotion in conflict zones
• Feminist perspectives on entrepreneurship: its potential for transformative economies
• What works? Public and private collaboration and market driven practices for women’s entrepreneurship promotion.
• Measuring policy impact on gender justice and inclusive growth: what is the return of investing in women entrepreneurs?

Invitation to submit papers
Papers are invited on the topics listed above. The deadline for submissions of abstracts of no longer than 400 words is 10 March 2014 and should be sent to: Abstracts should be accompanied by short biography. All abstracts will be reviewed by a selection panel from the Maastricht School of Management and MC4E. Preference will be given to new papers since all papers selected for presentation will be considered for a special publication on the topic. Accepted papers are due by 28 April 2014. There is no registration fee.


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Keynote speakers & program

Entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and developing countries, academic researchers, policy actors and development practitioners from leading institutions and organizations will be invited.

Click here to download the conference program.

Keynote speakers are:

Available papers
Beyond the Critique: How Feminist Perspectives Can Feed Entrepreneurship Promotion in Developing Countries. Saskia Vossenberg

Are female entrepreneurs the new heroes of the developing economy? Advancing the debate on business performance, growth and development from a feminist perspective
, Susan Marlow

How do women entrepreneurs define success? A qualitative study of differences within women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia? Atsede Tesfaye Hailemariam and Brigitte Kroon

The impact of childcare enrollment on women’s selection into self-employment. Florian Noseleit

Is there empowerment in entrepreneurship? A systematic literature review. Haataja Vera

Women Entrepreneurs from Minority Groups: Best Practices amongst Women from Suriname in The Hague. Rachel Kurian

Access and use of ICTs in female-owned SMEs in selected Arab Countries and Brazil: A comparative study. Mona Farid Badran

Constraints to and Opportunities for Women’s Participation in High Value Agricultural Commodity Value Chains. Judith Beatrice Auma Oduol

Collaborating to Identify the Personal and Business Dillemas of ‘Successful’ Women Entrepreneurs. Fons Trompernaars, Riana van den Bergh and Madeleine van der Steege

Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Comparative Perspective
, Fulvia Farinelli


About the Organizers
Maastricht School of Management (MSM) is an international business school located in The Netherlands, offering MBA, EMBA and Doctoral education throughout the world in partnership with educational institutions primarily in developing and emerging economies. MSM is committed to boosting and fostering women’s entrepreneurship worldwide and is engaged in research, organizes events and tailor-made and executive programs for women’s entrepreneurship promotion.
The Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) at Maastricht University serves students throughout Maastricht University by providing opportunities to learn, by providing start-up support, and by helping young ventures to grow. MC4E offers entrepreneurship education across the university to students at bachelor, master and post-graduate level.

Further information
For further information please contact the organizing committee:

Prof. Wim A. Naudé, PhD
Dean Director, Professor of Development Economics and Entrepreneurship
Maastricht School of Management

Saskia Vossenberg, MA
Research Fellow and Lecturer Gender, Entrepreneurship and Development
Maastricht School of Management

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