Summer School

Start Date
7 July 2018
2 weeks

Make your summer a 'special' experience!

In July 2018 the MSM Summer School offers you the  opportunity to follow a number of business or industry-focused related specialization courses at the MSM campus in Maastricht, The Netherlands. During this two-week specialization phase MSM brings together all students from the MSM on-campus MBA programs, the online MBA (optional) and participants from MSM’s Global Partner Network to enjoy an interactive and international classroom experience.

After completing the two-week specialization program (12 ECTS) and an assessment you will receive an MSM diploma.

Why should you follow the MSM Summer School?

  • International and multicultural environment
    Enjoy a unique opportunity to interact with students coming from all corners of the world and from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. This diversity in the classroom will be a valuable addition to your learning experience and will enable you to broaden your global network.
  • Exposure to the regional business community
    Through the interactive work visits, you will gain exposure to great companies and organizations in the broader Maastricht region, exemplifying successful global business and management.
  • Study in the heart of Europe
    You will study in one of the oldest and most European cities in the Netherlands: Maastricht. The lively city is located along the river Meuse and within easy access of Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt, London and Paris. The city hosts many international students.
  • Enjoy high quality education by MSM’s international faculty
    MSM’s MBA programs are internationally accredited which means you can be assured that the courses meet high global standards. You will be taught by MSM’s highly qualified international faculty who have a wealth of experience in teaching around the globe.

Choose from seven exciting specializations

Business-related specializations

After having followed the specialization in Entrepreneurship you will understand the issues entrepreneurs in diverse markets are facing and you will be able to recognize new business opportunities. You will understand how to develop effective and profitable strategies that have both commercial and social benefits. This specialization offers the following courses:
– Entrepreneurship in Comparative Context (3 ECTS)
– Understanding Market Dynamics (3 ECTS)
– Developing Viable Business Models (3 ECTS)
– Designing and scaling your business (3 ECTS)
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International Business and Sustainable Development
Upon completion you will have the skills to manage a global business environment. You will not only develop an insight into the challenge facing the contemporary international  organization, but will also understand the challenges and opportunities in emerging markets. This specialization offers the following courses:
– Sustainability in the Global Economy (3 ECTS)
– Green & Inclusive Innovation (3 ECTS)
– International Human Resource Management (3 ECTS)
– Fair Trade & Global Value Chain (3 ECTS)
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Accounting & Finance
After having followed this specialization course you will be able to work in an international financial environment, as well as being able to adapt your Skills to the needs of emerging markets. This specialization offers the following courses:
– Corporate Governance (3 ECTS)
– Finance in International Markets (3 ECTS)
– Financial Accounting & Reporting (3 ECTS)
– Strategic Management Accounting (3 ECTS)
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The Digital Economy
After completing this specialization you have the knowledge and the skills to deal with new challenges, to identify new market opportunities, to manage new processes and to change mindsets to cope with this dynamic revolution. This specialization offers the following courses:
– Online Retail (3 ECTS)
– Big Data & Business Analytics (3 ECTS)
– Cybersecurity (3 ECTS)
– Industry 4.0 (3 ECTS)
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Industry-focused specializations

Sports Management*
In the Sports Management specialization you will be thoroughly immersed in understanding the key elements of managing a sports business. The specialization offers in-depth courses on:
– Sport Marketing & Sponsorship (3 ECTS)
– Event & Sports Facilities Management (3 ECTS)
– High Performance Management in Sports (3 ECTS)
– Legal issues and Liabilities & Ethics in Sports (3 ECTS)
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Healthcare Management*
In the Healthcare Management specialization you will be thoroughly immersed in understanding the key elements of managing healthcare organizations. The specialization offers in-depth courses on:
– Healthcare Policy, Systems & Development Tools (3 ECTS)
– Quality Improvement & Patient-centered Healthcare (3 ECTS)
– E-Health & Big Data Analysis (3 ECTS)
– Healthcare Finance & Control (3 ECTS)
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Public Sector Management
The specialization in Public Sector Management provides you with a conceptual and analytic foundation for economic policy making and managerial decision-making in emerging markets. This specialization offers the following courses:
– Economic Policy & Implementation (3 ECTS)
– Public Finance & Budgeting (3 ECTS)
– Cost-Benefit Analysis (3 ECTS)
– International Trade & Financial Systems (3 ECTS)
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*Require additional admissions approval

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The program targets:

  • Current MBA students
  • Recent MBA graduates
  • Current Master in Management students with at least 1 year relevant working experience obtained after bachelor‹s degree (application to be approved by Academic Coordinator)
  • Master in Management graduates with working experience with at least 1 year relevant working experience obtained after bachelor‹s degree (application to be approved by Academic Coordinator)
  • Candidates with substantial relevant working experience but no specific master degree (Applications to be approved by Academic Coordinator)


Application documents:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter


An interview can be part of the admission procedure.



The fee for the two-week specialization experience is € 3,995

The fee includes: interactive lectures, company visits and study materials.
The fee does not include housing cost, living expenses, travel, visa and insurance cost.

MSM Alumni receive a discount of € 500

MSM has negotiated several housing packages. For more information check the TAB Housing


Dean‹s Development Fund Based on country
MSM Alumni discount* € 500

*Scholarships can be combined up to 50% of the full tuition fee


The two -week specialization program takes place from 7-21 July 2018

Deadline for application is 31 March 2018

To apply, please click here.



MSM is negiotiating several attractive housing packages depending on your preference. More options will be added soon.

Aparthotel Randwyck (located next to MSM)

– Basic twin/double room (max 2 guests per room): € 40/night.
Total price for 16 nights: € 640
(including one time cleaning and one linen package per week)

– Student room (max 1 guest per room): € 25/night.
Total price for 16 nights: € 400
(no cleaning included, one time linen package per week)


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