Executive MBA

MBA degree
Start Date
19 January 2018 / 19 October 2018
2.5 years


The MSM Executive MBA is a part-time program designed to balance the pressures of work with study. Classes are conducted through eight modules which can be completed in 2.5 years, however you can take longer if needed.

The degree is internationally accredited by AMBA, IACBE and ACBSP.  It is also subject to the standards set by the international accrediting body ATHEA. Furthermore, the Executive MBA in Maastricht is accredited by NVAO and therefore leads to a Dutch-degree in terms of legislation in the Netherlands. To prospective non-EU students, please note that residency permits for foreign students to study in the Netherlands for a period of between 3 and 12 months can only be applied for in the case of full-time students.

Designed for working professionals
There are four modules each year, always in January, April, July and October. Most of the modules are 8-days long (Saturday – Saturday). The Specialization Module, which always takes place in July of the second year of studies, is 13 days long. The Classes are conducted at MSM in Maastricht and consist of interactive lectures, group assignments, topic related guest lectures and work visits. To get an overview of how the Executive MBA is structured, please check the MSM EMBA Calendar 2018-2022 which gives a detailed overview of the Executive MBA schedule for the coming years.

Immediate results
The practice-oriented approach in the MSM Executive MBA enables you to apply the newly gained knowledge and skills directly to the daily practice of your organization. Being an MBA program for working professionals, the MSM Executive MBA is less about exams, but more about individual, applied assignments. Usually, for each course you complete both group and individual assignments focusing on actual problems of an organization which you can apply to your own organization. This not only helps you to put your knowledge into practice, your company benefits from your knowledge right from the first course. The final Executive MBA project will be either an academic research project, a business consulting project or a business plan completely dedicated to your organization. In this way you actively contribute to improving the performance of your company.

Learn from diversity
The MSM Executive MBA Class is characterized by diversity. You share your learning experience with fellow participants from different cultural and professional backgrounds. The Executive MBA provides excellent opportunities to enhance intercultural communication skills.

Customize your MBA    
To allow you to customize your MBA around your specific study needs and career perspectives, MSM offer a number of specializations:

Business-related specializations:

Industry-focused specializations*:

Click here to download the MSM MBA Specializations brochure.

*some of the industry focused specializations might be subject to additional fees.

Click here for the Education and Examination regulations (EER) of all the MSM programs.

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The one-year full-time 70 ECTS* MBA program consists of eight modular lecturer sessions and the completion of a final project, being either an academic research paper, business consultancy project or business plan.

Phase Course Educational hours** ECTS
Understanding Finance Finance 84 3
Accounting for Managers 84 3
Developing a
Business Plan
Digital Transformation 84 3
Entrepreneurship 84 3
Business Research Tools Research Methods 84 3
Decision-Making Tools 84 3
Creating Value Marketing in a Global Context 84 3
Global Supply Chain Management 84 3
Strategic Orientation Economics for Managers 84 3
Global Corporate Strategy 84 3
Changing World Change Management 84 3
Leadership & Organizational Behavior 84 3
Global Responsibility Managing Cultural Diversity 84 3
Corporate Responsibility and Ethics 84 3
Specialization*** Specialization course 1 84 3
Specialization course 2 84 3
Specialization course 3 84 3
Specialization course 4 84 3
Final paper Academic Research Paper / Business Consultancy Project / Business Plan, including presentation 448 16
Total 1960 hours 70 ECTS

* The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centered system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a program.

** 1 ECTS corresponds with 28 hours of study (includes both face-to-face and self-study

*** Choose one of the available specializations at MSM. For more information click here.

Please check the MSM Executive MBA Calendar 2018-2022 to see the detailed schedule of the program in the coming years.


Admission requirements and process

Phase 1
Upload the following documents to MSM’s online application portal:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university as well as the transcript
  • Personal résumé / CV demonstrating the minimum requirement of five or more years of relevant working experience, obtained after your bachelor’s degree
  • Two employer letters of recommendation (a reference request can be sent directly via our application portal)
  • A letter of motivation (click here for instructions)
  • Proof of English proficiency: non-native English speaking candidates and candidates whose previous education has been in a different language than English must submit evidence of English proficiency by achieving the following minimum scores:
    TOEFL scores: (Test of English as Foreign Language)
    – 88 for the internet based test
    – 230 computer based test
    – 570 paper based test
    – 570 institutional TOEFL (paper based at a certified test administration site)
    IELTS score (International English Language Testing System):
    – 6.5 minimum, with no section below 5.5 on the Academic test
    TOEIC score (Test of English for International Communication):
    – 720, provided applicant has passed both “Speaking & Writing” and “Listening & Reading”
    Pearson PTE Academic test of English – minimum score 59
    Cambridge CPE English Proficiency test – C
    Cambridge CAE English Advanced test – B
    Applicants from countries where the official language is English, or who have studied in countries where English is the official language, are exempted from this requirement.
  • Copy of your passport or your EU identity card (valid on the start date of your program)

Only complete applications will be reviewed. Diplomas and transcripts can be submitted in English, Dutch, French or German, preferred language is English. Other documents should be in English.

Also send the certified copy of your diploma and sealed transcripts by regular mail to:
Maastricht School of Management
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 1203
6201 BE Maastricht
The Netherlands

As soon as we have received your online application we will provide you with the details on how to submit the required documents and the non-refundable application fee of € 75.

Applications are processed immediately upon receipt. However, please note that the deadline for applications is 15 July (for non-EU residents) and 15 August (for EU residents) of the respective year in which you wish to enroll. Each application will be processed on an individual basis. The Graduate Admissions Board will make a decision based on the candidate’s prior academic performance, work experience and overall achievements and goals. We will inform you of the Admissions Board’s decision as soon as possible.

MSM reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if candidates fail to satisfy all requirements or if it is determined that admission was obtained through the use of falsified, altered or embellished information.

Phase 2

MSM will conduct an interview (Phone, Skype or in Person).

Phase 3
After payment of 1st installment and prior to the start of the MBA program, four, online leveling (foundation) courses (Accounting, Finance, Statistics and Economics) are required to be satisfactorily completed. Alternatively, if you have completed the GMAT (Graduate Management
Admission Test) with a score of 600 or higher or a GRE with an equivalent score), the leveling courses are waived.

Applicants must send proof of residency in the EU or valid EU visa for the time of the studies. (MSM is unable to provide a student visa or any tourist visa support for the Executive MBA program. If such support is needed, then the full-time MBA program is the appropriate program).



October intake   Start 19 October 2018
Early Bird deadline 1 May 2018
Application deadline 12 October 2018
January intake  Start 19 January 2018
Early bird deadline 1 December
Application deadline 12 January 2018


Full Tuition Fee (regular fee) € 31,000
Application Fee (non refundable) € 75

Please take a look at the available scholarships which are listed under the next section, Scholarships, or check this overview of scholarships and program related cost.

Click here for more information about the deferment policy, the refund policy, obtaining a visa and financial suspension.



Available MSM Scholarships for private sponsorship candidates

Dean‹s Development Fund Based on country
Academic Excellence Scholarship 50 %
Women in Leadership 50 %
Alumni Lifelong Learning 50 %
Public Services / NGO Scholarship 50 %
Bosphorus Scholarship 50 %
European Star Scholarship 25 %
Entrepreneurship / Family Business Scholarship 25 %
Orange Tulip Scholarship (for selected countries) 65 % and 85 %
Holland Scholarship € 5,000
Corporate Discounts 25 – 50 %

For more detailed information about the scholarships and the conditions for these scholarships for privately funded candidates for the residential Executive MBA, and other program related costs, please see this overview.

Life Long Learning Grant DUO
For more information about the Life Long Learning Grant from DUO please click here. (information only available in Dutch).

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