Maastricht – Suffolk Executive MBA, UK

MBA degree
Start Date
19 January 2018
2 years


The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA is an international accredited management degree offered in partnership with University of Suffolk and the Maastricht School of Management. This partnership of one the oldest business schools in the Netherlands and one of the youngest institutions in the United Kingdom has resulted in the development of a unique MBA that combines solid business tradition and international accreditation with entrepreneurial energy and opportunity. The programme is delivered entirely in English.

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The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA is a demanding but exhilarating part-time programme that will equip you with the management and leadership skills that will boost your career in the global knowledge economy. It puts a premium on creative leadership and innovation, and offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in three dynamic regions where technological innovation, creative industries, cultural heritage and logistics and supply chains are setting the pace for global business trends.

At the end of the 24-month programme you will earn the prestigious title of MBA – an internationally accredited qualification, awarded by Maastricht School of Management.

Why should you follow the Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA?

 1.  Designed for managers and those wishing to progress their careers in senior and executive management
 2.  A truly multi-national programme, delivered in the UK, EU and USA
 3.  Immediate results – you take the classroom straight into your business
 4.  Be appraised as an individual and not just a test score
 5.  Triple international accreditation (AMBA, IACBE and ACBSP)

Designed for managers and those wishing to progress their careers in senior and executive management
The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA is designed for managers and for those wishing to seriously progress their career in senior and executive Management. In general, an Executive MBA is recognised as bringing participants greater salary, career advancement and entrepreneurial skills. On average Executive MBA graduates increase their earnings by between 30% and 80% according to the Financial Times. Pursuing this qualification will enable you to recognise and capitalise on opportunities in your own organisation and across
your chosen industry. Maintaining the links you forged during your Executive MBA will enhance your business network once you have completed the programme. With the Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA your network will extend to European and International contacts.

A truly multinational programme delivered in the UK, EU and USA
Classes generally take place at the modern campus of the University of Suffolk located along the Ipswich Waterfront in Suffolk, England, and are offered by the international faculty of MSM and the University of Suffolk. You also attend courses in the historic city of Maastricht  in The Netherlands with site visits to firms and institutions in the Meuse-Rhine region and at the Suffolk University campus in the heart of Boston, US.
The Foreign Direct Investment Survey of ‘Small European Region’s of the future 2016/17’, published by the Financial Times puts Greater Ipswich in the top ten places to invest in Europe. Ipswich has also been recognised as digital tech cluster in the 2016 Tech Nation report. As such the campus of the University of Suffolk campus at the exciting Waterfront area offers you a unique study experience in a vibrant and evolving environment with plenty of opportunities. Located in Maastricht – the heart of the lively Meuse-Rhine EU region – MSM gives you access to the European way of doing business. Because of its cross-border location, its close proximity to cities like Brussels, Paris, Dusseldorf, Cologne and its international community the Maastricht Region is seen as the most European region of the Netherlands and the most international region of Europe. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA with a rich economic and social history. Suffolk University is located in the heart of this vibrant city, which today is seen as the economic and cultural hub of New England. With these three locations bringing together some of the most exciting developments in creative industries and in sectors like Energy, Healthcare, Communication, Biotech and Insurance, you will be challenged to develop your management and leadership skills to flourish in the competitive and connected global society.

Immediate results – you take the classroom straight into your business
The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA takes a practice-oriented approach focusing on putting the acquired theoretical knowledge into your daily practice. During the programme this is facilitated through course related field trips and guest lectures by experts. Each eight day module consists of lectures, case studies, and includes field trips and guest speakers with a direct link to the course topic. Various companies in Suffolk, the Meuse-Rhine  EU-Region and Boston will complement the academic content of the course with practical case studies. You round off your Executive MBA with either a thesis on a management issue
or a report that dissects and analyses a field experience in which you have worked on a concrete management problem in an organisation. This will offer you the opportunity to directly apply the newly gained knowledge into the daily practice of your organisation.

Flexible part-time modular design with four teaching weeks per year
The design of the part-time Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA programme enables you to balance the pressures of work with study. To be completed in 24 months, the programme includes conveniently paced lectures and classes conducted through a number of  spread-out modules, minimising the time that you need to spend away from work. Each module consists of eight full-time weeks (including weekends) of classes (lectures and  course related field trips).

Be appraised as an individual and not just a test score
MSM is one of the oldest and most international business schools in the Netherlands with a large network of students, alumni and partners across the globe. Its various management
programmes and activities attract participants from many countries, professional backgrounds and areas of interest, offering you the opportunity to significantly expand your
international network. Throughout its rich history of global management education, MSM has built a network of thousands of alumni around the world working in high level positions in business, academia and government, offering access to markets with high growth potential.

Triple international accreditation
All MSM’s MBA programmes are internationally accredited, which means you can be assured that the programme meets high global standards. Three bodies that accredit MSM MBA
programmes are AMBA, IACBE, and ACBSP. Only a select few business schools enjoy these. For instance, only 2% of business schools have the coveted AMBA accreditation. MSM is currently also an ATHEA candidate. MSM’s MBA is ranked #2 in the Netherlands and #11 in Europe, according Eduniversal’s 2015 Best Masters ranking and draws on MSM’s more than 60-year experience in management and business education. It was one of the three nominees for the Nuffic Orange Carpet Award in 2014, in recognition for its contribution to the internationalisation of higher education in the Netherlands. MSM was a finalist for the 2014 Association of MBA’s innovation award.

Click here for the Education and Examination regulations (EER) of all the MSM programs.

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The 70 ECTS programme can be completed over a two-year period through eight modular lecturer sessions and completion of a thesis.

Phase Course Educational hours** ECTS
Understanding Finance Finance 84 3
Accounting for Managers 84 3
Developing a Business Plan Entrepreneurship 84 3
Digital thinking 84 3
Business research Tools Research Methods 84 3
Decision-Making Tools 84 3
Creating Value Marketing in a Global Context 84 3
Global Supply Chain Management 84 3
Strategic Orientation Economics for Managers 84 3
Global Corporate Strategy 84 3
Changing World Change Management 84 3
Leadership & Organization Behaviour 84 3
Global Responsibility Managing Cultural Diversity 84 3
Corporate Responsibility and Ethics 84 3
Specialisation Choose from our different specialisation options: 336 12
1) International Business Strategy
2) All specialisations on offer in Maastricht (to be confirmed)
Research Project/Thesis Including presentation 448 16

* The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centered system based on the student workload required to achieve the
objectives of a program.

** 1 ECTS corresponds to 28 hours of study (includes both face-to-face and self-study)

Understanding global business
The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA curriculum introduces you to the foundation and core of management science. While it is applied to the key business areas in the UK and the EU-Region, through case studies, readings, discussions, guest lectures and dissection of mutual experiences, the content is general enough to be applicable and transferrable also to other industries. The interactive lectures are provided by the international faculty of the University of Suffolk, MSM and Suffolk University Boston. Being experts in their field and teaching around the world they bring a wealth of international knowledge and experience into the classroom helping you to increase your knowledge of the global business arena.

Confident leadership
The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA will constantly challenge you to develop your leadership and personal skills. As part of our teaching methodology, group study emphasises working efficiently and effectively in multicultural groups – an invaluable skill for all leaders and managers.  The Executive MBA provides excellent opportunities to enhance intercultural communication and team skills. Throughout the programme you will be transformed into a confident and inspirational leader, who maintains the highest ethical standards and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Innovative entrepreneurship
The exciting developments in the Eastern England area offer great opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. The Maastricht-Suffolk Executive MBA prepares you to start and successfully manage your own business venture. With a dedicated course on entrepreneurship you will understand what it takes to get a new venture established and to grow your business. You will learn how to develop a realistic, ambitious and achievable business plan with a high chance of success in practice.

In the Specialisation Phase of the programme participants are thoroughly immersed in understanding the key elements of important dimensions of modern business. Each specialisation consists of four courses related to the theme of the specialisation. The specialisation “International Business Strategy” will be offered at the University of Suffolk. Students can choose to take other specialisations in Maastricht during the same 2-week period in July each year. Currently the specialisations available in Maastricht are:
• International Business and Sustainable Development
• Healthcare Management
• Sports Management

Research project/thesis
You round off your Executive MBA degree with either a thesis on a management issue or a report that dissects and analyses a field experience in which you have worked on a concrete management problem in an organisation. This will offer you the opportunity to directly apply the newly gained knowledge into the daily practice of your organisation.



Admission requirements and procedure

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
  • Complete four online levelling courses (contact Admissions Office for more details), OR a GMAT of 600 or higher OR a GRE of 600 or higher.
  • Non-native speaking candidates and candidates whose previous education has been in a different language than English must submit evidence of English proficiency. Minimum TOEFL score: 88 internet-based test or 570 paper-based test OR IELTS score of 6.5 academic test.
  • At least five or more years of relevant working experience, obtained after your Bachelors degree.


Application deadline 15 December 2017
Start date of the program 19 January 2018


The tuition fee of the programme is € 28,500.
We offer a selected number of scholarships.

For more information contact Uinversity of Suffolk at

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